Two job opportunities at the Toxics Use Reduction Institute

The Toxics Use Reduction Institute at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is hiring for two positions. Science, Environmental Health and Safety Support Specialist — The individual in this position will help research environmental and health hazards of chemicals...

How a Philippine inquiry could shape global climate litigation

For years, fossil fuel companies have engaged in misinformation campaigns aimed at delaying the shift away from the world’s most polluting energy sources. Now those actions could be used to hold them responsible for the climate harms their operations have...

COP15: Ivory Coast hosts desertification talks

The COP15 conference is meeting to address issues of land degradation, advancing deserts and deforestation. Experts and activists hope that this will not be just another high-level conference with no concrete results.

Breaking the ice

Climate change is causing glaciers around the world to recede at an alarming rate. The loss of Rocky Mountain glaciers will affect the Prairie’s freshwater supply — and that’s a big problem.

The struggle for clean air and water in Benicia

Environmental watchdog group Baykeeper filed a lawsuit in federal court against Amports, which owns the Port of Benicia, and Valero for allegedly mishandling petroleum coke, a refinery product that can damage the heart and lungs.

Environment award stokes urge to save Indonesia’s karst landscape

“Recover Citatah Karst, Make People Prosper.” That’s the call printed in red letters on a huge white banner pinned on a limestone cliff in Indonesia’s West Java province. “We put up the banner so that anyone could read it — citizens, cliff climbers, the government —...

Village uses Indigenous seeds to slow down Cerrado deforestation

RIPÁ, Brazil — One muggy morning last December, eight women and their chief drove out of the Indigenous Xavante village of Ripá across a forested savanna in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. After a few miles, the road petered out. They walked on in single file...

The sustainable applications of chitosan

Read the full story at AZO Materials. A mini-review has been published in the journal Polymers on chitosan’s potential for sustainable applications in multiple industries. Researchers from Spain, India, Iran, and China have contributed to the review.

What goes into scaling one of Europe’s largest refill trials?

Read the full story at Packaging Europe. Re is a reuse model developed by Beauty Kitchen, a sustainability-orientated beauty brand founded by Jo-Anne and Stuart Chidley. The Re model focuses on replacing single-use plastic packaging for FMCG by offering brands and...

Whiz kids: New tool teaches kids sustainable electronics coding

Read the full story at Centered. A new computer coding tool created by Northwestern University engineers is enabling kids to build and program sustainable, battery-free, energy-harvesting electronic devices.  They based Battery-free MakeCode on the learn-to-code...

Workers exposed to PFAS in a variety of industries

For the better part of 20 years, Peter Arlein worked as a professional ski technician, waxing skis across Colorado. Working occasionally in smaller shops with poor ventilation, he breathed in fumes released by the waxes. “The backroom is pretty cramped,” Arlein told...

New Mexico governor seeks more US aid for wildfire response

New Mexico’s governor is asking for additional federal assistance to respond to wildfires burning across the state’s north, including one that is the second-largest in the state’s history and that officials estimate has destroyed hundreds of homes.

In a warming world, trees aren’t a climate change cure-all

The future of forests is on a knife’s edge, with a tug of war between two very important forces: the benefits trees get from increasing levels of carbon dioxide and the stresses they face from the climate, such as heat, drought, fires, pests, and pathogens.

California is in a water crisis, yet usage is way up

California is facing a crisis. Not only are its reservoirs already at critically low levels due to unrelenting drought, residents and businesses across the state are also using more water now than they have in seven years, despite Gov. Gavin Newsom’s efforts to...

Westbury incinerator row: How did we get here?

Plans to make a £200m incinerator to burn waste for energy have been met with fierce opposition. Northacre Renewable Energy Limited wants to burn non-recyclable waste to generate electricity for thousands of homes in Westbury.

Midwest at greater risk for rolling blackouts

Electricity demand on the Midwest’s grid is expected to be strong this summer, with hot weather and a growing economy sucking plenty of juice. At the same time, electricity supplies are tightening.

The Advantages of Breast Feeding

Retailers have begun to ration infant formula, as the supply is hovering above 50% out-of-stock in several states. Due to supply chain disruptions, recall of products due to pathogen contamination, and inflation, some pharmacies are limiting purchase to three units...

How air pollution can affect COVID-19 risks

More studies conducted during the pandemic have found links between air pollution exposure and the chances of contracting the coronavirus, developing a severe infection or dying.

Peter Dykstra: The steal of the last century and a half

For sustained, systemic swindle, May 10, 1872, may be the top of the heap for Congress. And by the top, of course, I mean the bottom. The Civil War had ended only seven years earlier. Efforts to unravel Reconstruction in the South were well underway. Three years to...

The perilous life of migratory birds

Climate change is making their journeys longer and harder, window panes and power lines are deadly obstacles, and hunters lie in wait with nets. But there is plenty we can do to help, not harm, our feathered friends.

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