As waters rise, a community must decide: Do we stay or go?

Faced with more frequent flooding and worse to come, the Philadelphia environmental justice community of Eastwick is grappling with difficult questions about its future: Will levees and flood walls protect them, or should residents abandon their homes and move to...

Webinar: Productive conversations without confrontation

Oct 24, 2023, 3:00 PM CT (Register)Nov 16, 2023, 6:00 PM CT (Register)Content for both webinars is the same. When a friend or loved one shares a viral hoax, fabricated photo or conspiracy theory, how do you respond? With the holiday season and a presidential election...

“Shutdown Could Hinder Infrastructure Projects, Permits”

“Concerns are mounting over impacts of a possible federal government shutdown on critical infrastructure projects and permitting activities.” DisastersEnvironmental PoliticsGovernmentInfrastructureLaws & RegulationsNatural ResourcesNational...

The curator of climate change

Soren Brothers has a crucial job: convince museum goers not to be scared of climate change—or climate solutions.

Toxic labor

A warming planet is creating a booming and loosely-regulated disaster restoration industry fueled by immigrant labor. Without protection, workers are exposed to lethal toxins making them sick long after the cleanup.

Florida’s coral reef is in crisis. These crabs can help

With giant pincers and rough, spider-like legs, Caribbean king crabs don’t look like your typical heroes. Yet these crustaceans may be key to solving one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems: the decline of coral reefs.

Infrastructure in the Pan Amazon: Public-private partnerships

The concessionaire system in Peru is managed by the Organismo Supervisor de la Inversión en Infraestructura de Transporte de Uso Público (OSITRAN), which oversees investments in transportation infrastructure, while the electrical system is administered by the...

Colchicine Enters the War Against Heart Disease

The media reports that colchicine, a very old drug, has now been discovered to reduce the risk of recurrent heart disease and has a new FDA indication. Of course, the “discovery” has taken ten years, and the data for the FDA approval is from 2020. Just how helpful...

Waste coffee grounds make concrete 30% stronger

Read the full story at New Atlas. Researchers have found that concrete can be made 30% stronger by replacing a percentage of sand with spent coffee grounds, an organic waste product produced in huge amounts that usually ends up in landfill. The method also reduces the...

Paxlovid Works in the ‘Real World’ – And Here’s How

A new JAMA Open Network paper concludes that Paxlovid is effective in reducing hospitalizations and deaths in high-risk patients who have been vaccinated or have acquired immunity from previous infections. And a look back at how the drug works its...

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