War between energy titans could shape New England climate

For five years, two of the world’s largest power companies have been locked in an all-out battle over the future of New England’s electric grid. The outcome could determine the fate of the region’s decarbonization efforts for decades.

Climate change hits home for Latinos

Latinos in the fight against climate change will gather this week during a virtual summit highlighting the community’s growing environmental activism.

Federal pipeline agency shifts focus to cut methane

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration is readying its first-ever restrictions on methane emissions and planning to press pipeline companies on the issue in the coming months, marking a significant shift for a federal agency traditionally focused...

Amid pandemic, tribal-run conservation in Africa proves resilient

The Covid pandemic has hit African tourism and the wildlife conservation it supports extremely hard. But Indigenous-managed projects, such as the Il Ngwesi eco-lodge and conservancy run by Masaai in Kenya, have benefited by local people’s stewardship of their...

Reduce, reuse, recycle is getting a fourth R: Recirculation

Read the full story from NPR. A fourth “R” is being added to “reduce, reuse and recycle”: Recirculation. Instead of recycling old products, a non-profit in North Carolina is recirculating used to-go food containers and bottles.Read more →

Guidance for Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal Projects

Download the document. The culmination of a series of five, virtual, multi-hour discussion group sessions and one presentation from a variety of practitioners in the ocean-based CDR space, the report details potential guidelines for exploring what governance...

Wastewater re-use in the food industry

Read the full story at Filtration + Separation. Engineers and scientists from an Auckland-based clean technology company have developed polyethylene membrane-based filters which perform at 85°C in harsh chemical environments of 1-13 pH, allowing food and industry...

Seeking tribal sovereignty through solar

Read the full story at The Hill. A group of Midwestern Native American “solar warriors” is working to help tribes break cycles of energy poverty and what they call “colonial exploitation” with access to locally controlled, low-cost renewable power. Recently rebranded...

State Strategies for Expanding Economic Opportunity in Clean Energy

Download the document. The energy transition presents a big economic opportunity, and states are putting forth well-articulated and robust strategies for developing low-carbon industries. Some states, motivated by ambitious climate goals, envision lower emissions and...

Decarbonisation tech instantly converts CO2 to solid carbon

Read the full story at TechXplore. Australian researchers have developed a smart and super-efficient new way of capturing carbon dioxide and converting it to solid carbon, to help advance the decarbonisation of heavy industries. The carbon dioxide utilization...

How coal holds on in America

A North Dakota coal-fired power plant was slated to close last year, to the delight of environmentalists. But local officials rallied to block renewable projects in the area, and a buyer stepped in to preserve the life of the power plant.

How to get a university to divest

On Nov. 1, Abby Herd helped lead a group of Simon Fraser University students over the finish line as they won an eight-year campaign to persuade the administration to divest from fossil fuels by 2025.

Russia’s grand Arctic plan might get stuck in the ice

The troublesome shipping on the Northern Sea Route continues into the new year. Almost three weeks after the world’s most powerful icebreaker arrived in the Chukchi Sea, none of the four vessels stuck in the area have broken out of the ice.

Government says its climate change curbs inadequate

The government has admitted that its efforts to insulate the UK from climate change impacts have been inadequate. The costs of climate change to Britain are “high and increasing”, it says, and could reach many billions of pounds a year.

Ice season on Minnesota lakes is getting shorter

Since 1967 on Minnesota lakes, ice-in dates have moved about nine days later on average, while ice-out have moved about four to five days earlier. It amounts to about two weeks less ice time a season.

Seagrass provides habitat, traps sediment, clears pollution

For the second year in a row, state Rep. Toby Overdorf, of Palm City, is pushing a bill that would let private companies create “seagrass mitigation banks” on state-owned land, then sell credits to developers proposing projects that would destroy seagrass.

The Supremes Speak Out on COVID VAX in the Workplace

Four months after President Biden announced his innovative plan to compel vaccination, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on its validity. Biden’s plan had three parts; the Fifth Circuit Court struck them all down.

In Kathmandu, a struggle for water amid worsening floods

KATHMANDU — Stuffed garbage bags float gently down the Bisnumati River in the western part of Kathmandu. The river, sacred to Nepal’s Hindu and Buddhist populations, is one of the main waterways running through the Kathmandu Valley. Brownish water empties from pipes...

Continuity of Care

Even before the time of COVID, urgent care centers (those in the trade call them docs in a box) were the go-to alternative to a long Emergency Department wait or having to see your primary care physician (PCP in the jargon) during your work hours, or in a week or so....

Listen: Lead pollution and mental health

EHN reporter Kristina Marusic discussed her recent reporting on the surprising mental health impacts of contaminated drinking water on the public radio program Living on Earth. Listen below or visit Living on Earth for the full interview and transcript.Environmental...

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