Invasive Asian Carp get a government remake

Flush with $600K in federal funding diverted from Great Lakes restoration, Illinois tries to rebrand Invasive (Asian) Carp.  By Gary Wilson Commentary  It could have been an Onion headline From…

Invisible and toxic in New Mexico

Pollution from oil and gas facilities can harm the health of those who live near them. That’s disproportionately Indigenous people in NM, a new map shows.

Data from droppings: Researchers draw up a genetic ID map for chimps

In 2005, a chimpanzee named Tico arrived at a rescue center in Spain. The details of his early life were vague: he’d been found roaming in the mountains before being moved to a zoo that eventually closed. “[But] we knew that he had arrived illegally from an African...

LISTEN: A Daily Dose—an easy pill to swallow

A picture is worth a thousand words, but can we paint that picture with a podcast? This was the challenge taken on by six public health undergraduate students from UMass Amherst. We interviewed more than 20 of the world’s leading scientists who study...

In Sri Lanka, a waterbird flips the parenting paradigm on its head

COLOMBO — When it comes to super dads in the animal kingdom, the striking-looking waterbird known as the pheasant-tailed jacana is in a universe all its own. From incubating the eggs to taking care of the young, the male of the species excels. And in a reversal of the...

The water wars come to the suburbs

A community near Scottsdale, Arizona, is running out of water. Amid the finger-pointing, the real question is: how many developments will be next?

‘Defining challenge’: NATO names climate as major threat

In documents published yesterday as allied leaders gathered in Madrid, NATO declared that the 30-member alliance — which soon will include Finland and Sweden — aspires to become the “leading international organisation” on climate security, including the need to curb...

DOE: Major LNG project ‘would not increase’ CO2

A proposed liquefied natural gas project in Alaska would not raise greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new federal environmental review that assumes LNG exports elsewhere will continue to meet demand even if the planned pipeline and terminal aren’t built.

‘And The Rockets Red Glare’: What Puts Color In Fireworks

It is that time of year when my poor dog cowers under the bed as the rocket’s red glare of fireworks is seen and heard across the country. Perhaps I am stealing from my fellow writer and chemist, Dr. Bloom, but I just wanted to share what I had learned about the...

New Hampshire releases updated climate change assessment

Heavy rains. Less snow. Up to 60 days of extreme heat, every year by the end of the century. New Hampshire’s 2021 climate assessment, released Wednesday, paints a grim picture of the state’s future, unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Enviros train drone pilots to find and pursue pollution

The Clean Water Act allows individuals – not just federal officials – to enforce the law. But citizens who want to use drones to collect evidence must have a federally-issued pilot’s certificate and navigate layers of federal, state and local rules.

“Funds For Climate Justice Flow To Groups Around The U.S.”

“Fourteen environmental justice organizations from around the United States have begun to receive money under the Justice40 initiative, a business accelerator announced Wednesday.” ActivismClimate ChangeEnvironmental JusticeEnvironmental PoliticsNational...

“Biden Aims At China In New Illegal Fishing Policy Framework”

“The Biden administration is stepping up efforts to combat illegal fishing by China, ordering federal agencies to better coordinate among themselves as well as with foreign partners in a bid to promote sustainable exploitation of the world’s oceans.” Fish...

“The Green Revolution Sweeping Sweden”

“A boom of renewable-powered industries has found a home in northern Sweden, fueling the country’s ambitions of a fossil-free economy”. Climate ChangeEconomy & BusinessEnergy & FuelEuropePublicSource: ,

Volvo testing next-generation zero emissions hydrogen-powered truck

Read the full story at ESG Today. Volvo Trucks announced today plans to add new fuel cell electric trucks powered by hydrogen to its product portfolio, in the second half of this decade. The company said that it has begun testing vehicles using the new technology. The...

U of I, MWRD exploring best use of water resources

Read the full story at Farm Week Now. Water experiments are studying today’s precipitation, ponds and streams near Cuba at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago research site. But the University of Illinois researchers and their...

Closed-loop additive manufacturing fueled by upcycled plastic

Read the full story from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed an upcycling approach that adds value to discarded plastics for reuse in additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. The readily...

Developing a degradation-triggerable plastic made of vanillin

Read the full story at From inexpensive mass products to tailored high-tech materials, our modern world without plastics is unimaginable. The major downside to this is the use of fossil fuels and the growing quantities of waste. A new approach could be the...

Drivers of packaging design change

Read the full story in Recycling Today. Several brand owners and an institute share how extended producer responsibility schemes in Europe are driving packaging design changes.

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