DHS Issues Summer Fair Season Health Reminders

DHS Issues Summer Fair Season Health Reminders The 2024 fair season in Wisconsin begins this week and with it comes an opportunity for Wisconsinites of all ages to visit animals up close. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is reminding Wisconsinites...

Moving from Regulatory Document Submission to Data Collaboration

New Idea ‘Regulatoria’ Round Table Discussion   Problem Statement CMC Regulatory Specialists spend a lot of time copy-pasting and reformatting information from source documents into regulatory documents. Such Word/PDF processes result in unFAIR data. Besides they are...

IDMP Ontology Community of Interest Meeting – June 2024

Meeting Agenda Recent highlights from IDMP-O Lightning Talks: Data standards strategy in context of AI – Sridevi Nagarajan Towards an Overall Control Strategy – Ciby Abraham IDMP-O bridging to CMC and inclusion to PRISM – Sheila Elz FDA project PRISM – Vada Perkins...

Five Crisis Stabilization Facilities Now Open Across Wisconsin

Five Crisis Stabilization Facilities Now Open Across Wisconsin Wisconsin has taken another step forward to help people with mental health and substance use emergencies with the opening of five crisis stabilization centers for adults. Crisis stabilization facilities...

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