Big Bidet Aims to Wipe Out Charmin

Anuses are like martinis. Some like ’em dry and some don’t. And in the bathroom, a similar debate continues. Hardly a day goes by when the bidet vs. toilet paper war fails to rear its ugly head. This is only one more reason why ACSH, flush with newsworthy...

Pharmacists on Fire: Quenching Pharmacist Burnout

A recent survey of pharmacists found that 75% did not have “enough time and personnel to safely perform or meet duties.” This is due, in part, to pharmacists shouldering the extra burden of providing vaccinations and because 94% of pharmacists work for large...

Range Anxiety

Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) running solely on electricity are the cornerstone of the effort to reduce vehicular emissions. Prediction of electrical use and environmental benefit base their calculations on vehicle miles traveled (VMT), assuming that the number of...

It’s Not Halloween, Why Wear A Mask?

This is a bit of a rhetorical question based on the simple fact that the percentage of the population wearing a mask in public in July 2022 was 86% in Japan, 43% in the US, 21% in the UK, and 5% in Denmark. Japan was not alone among the Asian nations, all wearing...

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