Talking Aloud: When should you put the scalpel down?

You’d think surgeons would be the first to know when to hang up their scalpel, but alas, they’re as stubborn as a rusted bolt. When should a surgeon put down the knife and stop pretending they’re not going blind? It’s a question of cognitive decline,...

Say Goodbye to Brominated Vegetable Oil – No Great Loss

The FDA recently banned brominated vegetable oil (BVO), an emulsifier used in citrus-flavored sodas to keep flavor oils evenly distributed. BVO has been replaced by safer alternatives due to potential health risks, which may be valid. A visit from Steve and Irving and...

Pain Patients Aren’t ‘Drug Users’: Exposing A Dangerous Myth

Chronic pain patients who take opioids under medical supervision are fundamentally different from recreational users who take drugs to get high. In their bid to destigmatize and legalize drugs, some drug policy reformers have attempted to blur this clear distinction....

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