DOE finalizes national hydrogen road map

The Department of Energy outlined Monday how hydrogen could become a major source of clean energy in the United States, even as the prospective industry awaits important decisions from other Biden administration agencies.

Hay – yes, hay – is sucking the Colorado River dry

When California, Arizona and Nevada agreed last week to stop using 3 million acre-feet of Colorado River water — about a trillion gallons — in order to protect their drinking supply, they took aim at one especially thirsty user: hay.

2022 in Review: A Year of Federal Climate Investments

Download the report. In 2022, implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) began in earnest. As the funding goes out, there is considerable interest in what the funding will enable and where it will go. This...

Dental Health: Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is

The New York Times’ “Well” section recently published an article entitled, “What Dentists Wish You Knew,” which listed five points.  We found them to be a somewhat odd and incomplete collection.  We list the Times’ offerings, with our commentary and some bonus...

Illegal fishing for fish meal widespread in Ecuador marine reserve

PUERTO CAYO and PUERTO LÓPEZ, Ecuador — Luis Torres had just finished unloading the day’s catch in Puerto Cayo when he agreed to speak to Mongabay Latam. It was a hot, cloudy day in this coastal Ecuadorian fishing town in Manabí province. He straightened his hat,...

Boosted with fresh donations, Amazon Fund reboots stalled projects

When former President Jair Bolsonaro’s government froze the Amazon Fund in June 2019, the Frutificar Amazônia project was suddenly halted. Proposed by the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) in partnership with eight other organizations, the program aimed...

Our Human Boundaries Part II

In Part I, I presented a precis of the methodology the authors of Nature’s Earth System Boundaries had  for the “…multiple levels of likelihoods to reflect underlying scientific uncertainties and variabilities.” As their findings “are meant as a transparent proposal...

India cracks down on critics of coal

Documents reveal government anger over opposition of Indian nonprofits and their Western allies to the project of a powerful ally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Green” funds destroy Indonesia’s forests

In 2014, Indonesian conglomerate Medco paused a timber project that had been clearing out forests for years. It was just not economically viable anymore. But then, through funds meant to deliver climate goals, Indonesia’s government gave it a new lease of...

Global study of 71,000 animal species finds 48% are declining

Two centuries ago, extinctions were rare. Islands were hotspots, losing flightless bird species like the dodo and other animals that were hunted out of existence by European traders and colonists or killed off by introduced rats and cats. The Industrial Revolution...

We can start thinking in centuries

As humanity faces unprecedented threats, from climate disaster to the collapse of democracy, journalist Richard Fisher believes “recapturing” our long-term view of the world is a solution we can achieve.

Chemours, DuPont, Corteva, and 3M linked to massive PFAS settlements

Read the full story at Environment + Energy Leader. The Chemours Company, DuPont de Nemours, and Corteva said they have reached an agreement in principle to pay nearly $1.2 billion to resolve all PFAS-related water system pollution claims in the United States, while...

Does gardening make you happy? Science can explain why

Spending time in nature unleashes a cascade of advantages, like lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress-related hormones.And according to cutting-edge research, gardening is perhaps as effective a mental health tool as any other.

Climate change talks begin in Germany

Negotiators from around the world are converging on Bonn, Germany, for a climate change conference. One goal of the talks is to hash out the details for a new fund to pay for loss and damage experienced by poorer nations due to climate change.

Is climate change impacted by the Ski to Sea race in WA?

The annual Ski to Sea race is one of the more popular events in Bellingham, with over 470 teams competing. However, some are asking whether an event that celebrates what the environment has to offer can also be damaging it.

Could ultra-processed foods be harmful for us?

“It’s a bit scary isn’t it after only two weeks to see those results.” Aimee, 24, has spent two weeks on an ultra-processed diet as part of a test carried out by scientists from King’s College London for BBC Panorama.

How does climate change affect global bird reproduction?

Read the full story from the University of Illinois. A new study reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences assessed changes in the reproductive output of 104 bird species between 1970 and 2019. Illinois Natural History Survey avian ecologist Jeff...

Hotel Kitchen Toolkit for Managing Food Waste

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, came together to work with the hospitality industry on understanding and reducing food waste. Through research and a series of demonstration...

Climate Changes as Earth Warms; The Devil is in the Details

The nightly news often brings a surfeit of environmental disasters: forest fires, floods, tornados, drought, iceberg melting. What have we done to deserve them? Here I draw on various sources of climate change data to provide some understanding of what may lie...

The new livestock farm is a forest, too

Silvopasture, the ancient practice of integrating trees and pastureland, is making a comeback as a way for farms to improve animal health while benefiting the climate.

Breweries are starting to capture carbon — from beer

Breweries are capturing carbon – from beerWashington Post reporter Charlie Scudder writes about craft brewers who are using techniques developed by NASA to capture naturally produced CO2 and dissolve the molecules into their ales and beers.In a nutshell:New...

How prepared is the Middle East for extreme heat waves?

As intense heat becomes more frequent, the Middle East will see a rise in heat-related deaths. Even though the region lags in public health planning, experts say it has a lot to teach us about surviving extreme weather.

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