NPF Briefing: To Stop Carbon ‘Leakage,’ Can Border Tax Help?

Event Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2021For journalists covering international trade or November’s Glasgow UN Climate Change Conference, this National Press Foundation briefing will explore the politics and practicalities of a carbon border tax. 11:00 a.m. ET....

State of Emergency: Reporting on Solutions to Climate Change

Event Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2021In advance of COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow later this month, the Canadian Journalism Foundation is holding a free webcast Special Event on the importance of climate-solutions journalism, moderated by Fatima...

Call Law Enforcement if You Have a Medical Problem?

Apparently, the U.S. Department of Justice thinks the answer to the above question is “yes.” The agency presumes to know just how much pain medication, and what type and dose, each and every inhabitant of the country will require each year, an upside-down debacle by...

Webinar series: 21st Century Schools: Cleaner and Greener

Learn how to decarbonize P-12 schools over time to support a healthy, energy efficient, indoor environment. Part 1: Setting up the Roadmap (Nov 10, 2021 – 11 am-noon CST) Part 2: Goal Setting and Stories of Success (Dec 8, 2021 – 11 am-noon CST) Part 3: Setting Up...

Plantation giant Socfin accused of dodging taxes in Africa

By the OECD’s estimates, every year countries in Africa are cheated out of more than $50 billion in taxes, mainly by multinational corporations that run mines, oil wells, and plantations on the continent. That figure is higher than the total amount of development aid...

What does a tree see?

Read the full story at JStor Daily. A hundred-year-old red oak in a Massachusetts forest told a writer and a team of scientists secrets about change over time.Read more →

GM, GE look to develop rare earth materials supply chain

Read the full story from the Associated Press. General Motors and General Electric are looking at developing a supply chain of rare earth materials that help make electric vehicles and renewable energy equipment.Read more →

Schools collaborate on the roadmap to zero carbon

Read the full story from the New Buildings Institute. As we witness the consequences of rapid, widespread and intensifying climate change, our students face the prospect of worsening impacts in the world they will inherit. Students are demanding a more hopeful and...

What I’m Reading (Oct. 21)

The logistics of returns, Disney, and nuclear power – “Our Friend, the Atom,” and the fine immunologic line that is pregnancy.

COVID-19 and the color line

Black Americans are dying of COVID-19 at much higher rates than whites, and nowhere more so than in St. Louis. This is the result of racist policies which collapsed the social safety net while setting blacks in the path of danger.

Plastic’s toxic reach in Louisiana

Communities throughout St. James, St. John the Baptist, and Louisiana’s other “River Parishes”—those located along the Mississippi between New Orleans and Baton Rouge—shoulder some of the worst impacts of industry in the U.S. While most of the...

Salmon need trees

A study shows that watershed logging can be as bad for salmon numbers as increased predation in the ocean.

Heavy rains in India and Nepal kill dozens

Unseasonably heavy rainfall has destroyed crops, washed away bridges and killed dozens of people across India and Nepal in a reminder of the devastation caused by a changing climate.

Biden scales down $2 trillion climate change plan

Scaling down his “build back better” plans, President Joe Biden has described a more limited vision to Democratic lawmakers of a $2 trillion government-overhaul package with at least $500 billion to tackle climate change and money for middle-class...

How airborne microplastics affect climate change

Microplastics – minuscule bits of bottles, bags, synthetic fibers and other plastic waste that have broken up in the environment—are influencing Earth’s climate as they circulate through the atmosphere.

Putin won’t go to Glasgow for climate conference

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia will not attend a United Nations climate summit later this month that is seen as pivotal to reducing emissions of planet-warming gasses, but he may deliver a speech by video link, the Kremlin said on Wednesday.

Biden administration move could block Minnesota copper mine

The Biden administration dealt a serious blow to the proposed Twin Metals copper-nickel mine in northeastern Minnesota, ordering a study that could lead to a 20-year ban on mining upstream from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

10 Errors in Randomized Experiments

This article is written by Dr. Peter Attia [1]. It is helpful to understand the study of health, especially in the time of COVID. Summarizing it does not do it justice – so we are reprinting it from his website, with their permission.

Correlation is Not Causation

“Synthetic chemical in consumer products linked to early death, study finds.” “People with the highest levels of phthalates had a greater risk of death from any cause, especially cardiovascular mortality, according to a study published today in a peer-reviewed...

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