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Storm Water Resource Locator

Find stormwater permit forms and guidance documents for construction activities, and persons you can contact in your state agency for additional assistance.

Industrial Storm Water Resource Locator

Find stormwater permit forms and guidance documents for industrial facilities, and persons you can contact in your state agency for additional assistance.

Storm Water Training Resource Locator

Do you need to find information on Storm Water Training? Find storm water training resources available in your state with this tool.

Endangered Species National Endangered Species Resource Locator

Do Endangered Species Act rules apply to you? Find the rules for your state, and learn how to contact your state fish and wildlife service office for assistance.

Wetlands Wetlands Information Resource Locator

Find your state agencies responsible for wetlands protection, an overview of the state rules, and links to wetlands regulations and compliance resources.

TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load Resource Locator

Some streams and lakes are covered by Total Maximum Daily Load rules for sediment control. Find out about the TMDL program in your state, and determine whether your construction project will be affected by TMDL rules.

Foundry Sand Foundry Sand Reuse Resource Locator

This resource is designed to provide an overview of current state foundry sand reuse regulations and policies; acceptable reuse options and restrictions; permit, testing, recordkeeping and reporting requirements; and state agency contact information.

Wastewater Wastewater State Resource Locator

This is a New Release! Industrial and commercial facilities may generate wastewater that can contain a variety of pollutants (metals, oil/grease, solids, etc.). These wastewaters are regulated by federal, state, and sometimes local government agencies under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA).


RCRA/Hazardous Waste Resource Locator

The rules for managing hazardous waste can vary from state to state. Find your state’s regulations, along with permit forms, guidance, contact information and other helpful resources.

Universal Waste Resource Locator

Some common items (batteries, pesticides, etc.) may be exempt from hazardous waste rules. Find out which items are designated as Universal Wastes in your state, link to state regulations, and local contacts at state agencies for more information.

Construction & Demolition Debris Resource Locator

Construction and demolition (C&D) wastes are a major source of solid waste. Locate regulatory information and other compliance assistance, lists of C&D landfills, and pollution prevention resources for your state.

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Resource Locator

Learn how medical wastes are regulated in your state. Link to the rules and compliance resources and locate persons you can contact in your state agency for additional assistance.

solid waste Solid Waste Resource Locator

The solid waste resource locator contains links to regulatory agencies and rules covering solid waste topics.

TSD & Recycling Facilities Locator

Use this on-line directory for locating hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal (TSD) and recycling facilities.

Electronic waste Electronic Waste Resource Locator

The electronics waste resource locator contains links to regulatory agencies and rules covering electronic waste topics.

Beneficial Use Beneficial Use Program Locator

This is a New Release! Identifies individual state rules and programs related to secondary materials use.


Air Pollution State Resource Locator

Find state and regional regulatory agencies and rules covering topics such as open burning, smoke and dust.

Climate Change State Resource Locator

State and local governments play an important role in meeting the national goal of reducing greenhouse gas intensity by 18 percent by 2012. They are participating in national voluntary programs and initiatives, analyzing the costs and benefits of actions and developing and applying innovative programs and strategies that achieve wide-ranging benefits to businesses, the environment and public health.

Use this tool to locate state climate change resources. You will find links to state climate change main pages, state action plans, climate policies and more. We will be updating this tool as more resources become available.


Lead Paint Abatement Resource Locator

Find your state’s rules covering lead in construction issues, and learn about training and certification programs offered by your state, or by federal agencies.

Mercury Resource Locator

Find links to agencies, regulations, and resources that can help you determine your environmental responsibilities associated with mercury-containing devices or mercury spills.

Asbestos Resource Locator

Find an OSHA or environmental state contact that can help with health and safety or disposal issues regarding asbestos removal from construction activities.

a Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Resource Locator

Use this tool to find state-specific TRI reporting requirements such as state rules, where to send your complete reports, how to obtain forms, and state and federal guidance resources.


Occupational Safety & Health Resource Locator

Find out how health and safety laws are implemented in your state, link to the standards, and learn about available programs that assist with compliance.

Food Processing Sector Compliance Assistance Resource Locator

Find the regulations in your state that apply to food processing, and learn how to contact the appropriate agencies in your state for more information.

Green Building Resource Locator

Find state-specific and other information on all phases of building constructon and operation to promote a healthy environment.

Storage Tanks State Resource Locator

This is a New Release! Find state-by-state regulatory information concerning above- and below-ground petroleum storage tanks.

State Regulations Resource Locator Find environmental regulations, link to state agencies, retrieve agency news, and download sector-specific resources.


EPA LogoThe EPA maintains State Resource Locators and contact information for several topics: Air Quality – Ambient

Air Quality – Indoor


Chemical Management and Solid/Hazardous Waste

Pollution Prevention

Underground Storage Tanks

Vehicle Inspection

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