In This Issue: OSHA Investigates Stripper Death, 5 Mistakes Safety Leaders Make, & More

January 15, 2013
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OSHA Investigates Stripper Death

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OSHA: Force Employees to Wear PPE or Get Fined

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5 Things Safety Leaders Do To Make Employees Mock Safety
Safety leaders can get so caught up in the metrics and pressures of making their workplaces the safest in their industry that they forget these “exposures” are real people. No human being is programmed the same. It takes innovative ways and many reminders to deliver a successful and sustainable message.

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OSHA Says Employees Must Be Forced to Wear PPE
Interpretation of a safety regulation sometimes turns on the meaning of one word. That was the case regarding an OSHA fine for lack of PPE. Now a review panel has taken another look at the matter.
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OSHA Investigates Stripper Death
In what has to be one of the most unusual cases in the occupational safety and health agency’s history, OSHA is investigating the death of a 22-year-old exotic dancer who sustained massive head injuries after tumbling over a second-floor railing and falling 15 feet while working at a strip club in Cleveland.
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Top OSHA Fines This Week

OSHA fines a carpentry company in Cleveland, Ohio for failing to maintain a hearing conservation program & other violations.
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OSHA fines a plastic manufacturing company based in Romeo, Michigan after a worker was hit by a forklift.
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OSHA fines roofing company in Wonder Lake, Illinois for failing to ensure that workers use fall protection equipment.
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