Fort Belvoir Community Hospital – The DoD Green Buildout

May 15, 2011
Federal News Radio –  There’s a green side-effect to the 2005 DoD Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round that’s wrapping up this year. Defense employees are moving from older, less energy-efficient buildings into new facilities that have to meet minimum standards for green construction.

One example of the greener buildings springing up around the country under BRAC is northern Virginia’s Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, which expects to be ready for patients this August with a LEED Silver rating.

“One of the first things people notice about the new hospital is these odd-looking structures at the top of the buildings, they’re curved, sort of concave structures,” said Don Carr, a spokesman at Fort Belvoir. “Those catch rainwater. That rainwater will be used by the hospital for all its non-potable purposes, like landscaping, cooling systems and so-forth.

Belvoir also is home to the Defense department’s first certified LEED Platinum building, the Green Building Council’s highest award. The clubhouse-style community center in one of the base’s residential villages uses geothermal energy and is constructed with a large percentage of recycled and renewable materials, like soy-based insulation and simulated marble countertops made of recycled aluminum.

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