Farm owner allowed medical waste to be dumped on his land

June 7, 2013

A man’s farm became a dump when he allowed waste, including medical items, to be tipped and stored there without an environmental permit.

Neil John Spooner today (Tues) admitted two offences at Little Tressells Farm, The Tye, Margaretting, Essex and was sent to crown court for sentence.

Chelmsford Magistrates Court heard that a significant amount of mixed waste was deposited at the farm and a lagoon had been filled in with chopped waste plastics.

During an interview Spooner claimed that he did not know that this type of waste was being deposited there, as for part of the time he was working in London when it was tipped by three unnamed men. Spooner said that he only asked them for stony material to make a track for a paddock.

He said he had been quoted up to £500,000 to clear the rubbish and the house had been devalued by £1.5 million.

Spooner’s home, Little Tressells Farm, was repossessed on 25 November 2011and he was evicted from the following August. He was made bankrupt in January 2013.

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