Eating Meat Will Deplete Soil And Water Faster Than We Can Effect A 100% Renewable Energy Transition

January 17, 2016


It takes 1 ton of coal to make 6 solar panels.

Electricity production is only 18% of total world energy use.

82% of total world energy use is not electrical generation.

After 20 years, solar-wind energy production is up from 1% to 3% of total world energy use.

Solar-wind power are projected to provide 6% of total energy use by 2030.

It takes 10X as much solar-wind energy to close 1 fossil fuel power plant simply because they are intermittent.

It will take 10 X 18% of total world energy use to close all fossil power plants.

And, it will take 4 X 82% of total world energy use for a 100% wind-solar energy transition.

These figures do not include massive electrical storage and grid infrastructure.

Such infrastructure is hundreds of millions of tons of materials taking decades and additional trillions of dollars.

Solar-wind systems last 30 years meaning we will always have to do it all over the world again 50% sooner than fossil sources.

We have to stop carbon emissions at source within current infrastructure constraints at all costs period, exclamation mark. Then we will all have to learn to grow food because…

We will lock-in 2 degree temperature rise in 3 years for 2036 with BAU.

In 15 years 40% of humanity will be short of water with BAU.

In 25 years civilization will end says Lloyds of London and the British Foreign Office.

In 60 years humanity will not have enough soil to grow food says Scientific American.

In 30 years we won’t have enough fossil fuel for a 100% renewable energy transition.

Without massive energy demand destruction renewable energy is unsustainable.

Animal agriculture will destroy our soil and water long before we can effect a 100% intermittent energy transition.

Without using Hansen’s tax dividends to carbon tax meat consumption out of the market earth will die.

Instead of moving aspirational targets every 5 years, we have to move now, or forever be not remembered as the least greatest generation.

We cannot let governments get control of carbon markets like how Sanders, Klein and McKibben want government to get 60% of your carbon tax money. This is direct opposition to Hansen’s plan and immoral. I strongly believe it should be in a new world e-currency directly deposited to your phone.

We have to close down ranches to reconstruct wildlife corridors, we can’t let ranchers take over conservation areas and kill off life.

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