DOE National Laboratory Releases Annual Accomplishments Report

September 13, 2010

Washington, D.C. — Energy research and technology development achievements, including advances in clean fossil-based systems with carbon capture and storage (CCS), are highlighted in the just-released National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL) 2009 Accomplishments report.  * Read the report (PDF).
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This year’s report, which details research and development (R&D) projects and activities by the laboratory and its partners, also tells the story of the laboratory’s research over the past century, in commemoration of NETL’s 100th anniversary.  In addition to coal and CCS-related research, the report notes R&D progress in developing “exciting domestic resources,” such as methane hydrates, and “enhancing the efficiency, reliability and economics of renewable, wind, solar, and biomass-based systems.”

“Since the founding of its first predecessor laboratory in 1910, NETL has implemented a broad spectrum of complementary energy and environmental research to satisfy the energy needs of yesterday, today, and those of generations to come,” said Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy James J. Markowsky. “Its research and technology development programs are vital in supporting the U.S. Department of Energy’s mission to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the United States.”  Read full from DOE

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