Can we save the Leuser Ecosystem? | Chasing Deforestation

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil on Earth, found in things like soaps, shampoo, ice cream and instant noodles. To satiate demand, rampant clearing of primary forests for oil palm plantations has been a reality of Southeast Asian forests for decades....

Sighting of an American black vulture in Nepal causes a flutter

KATHMANDU — The “vulture restaurant” in southern Nepal received a new lone diner on July 12, leaving the people serving the food puzzled. An American black vulture (Coragyps atratus), a bird native to a continent on the other side of the world, was spotted for the...

Podcast: ‘Water always wins,’ so why are we fighting it?

While modern water infrastructure assets such as dams and aqueducts have provided human civilization with electricity and potable water for a long time, it has also deprived us of it by paving over vast amounts of land, interrupting and diverting water’s natural flow,...

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