Call for Applications for EPA Safer Choice Program 2018 Partner of the Year Awards

April 27, 2018

Source: U.S. EPA, 4/25/18.

EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention is seeking applications for the 2018 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Awards. These awards recognize the leadership contributions of Safer Choice partners and stakeholders who have shown outstanding achievement in the design, manufacture, promotion, and use of Safer Choice-certified products over the past year.

Applications for the 2018 awards are due to the Agency by June 27, 2018.

Awards will be presented in these categories:

  • Formulators/Product Manufacturers of both Consumer and Institutional/Industrial products;
  • Purchasers and Distributors;
  • Retailers;
  • Supporters (e.g., non-governmental organizations); and
  • Innovators (e.g., chemical manufacturers).

Award winners will be recognized at a ceremony in late fall of 2018.

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