HR0312 – Ethanol blends above 10% suspended due to engine wear & total engine failure #renewable #energy #news

May 4, 2013

2     WHEREAS, The Environmental Protection Agency has
3 identified gasoline blended with ethanol levels above E10 as
4 being harmful to motor vehicles prior to 2001 models; the EPA's
5 national mandate provides a waiver for E15 gasoline to be used
6 only in motor vehicles manufactured after 2000; and 
7     WHEREAS, A study of marine engines, a barometer for engines
8 in pre-2001 motor vehicles, showed that the use of E15
9 gasoline, levels of ethanol at only half of the E30 fuels that
10 some are encouraging the use of, caused total engine failure,
11 misfires, and poor running quality; test engines were unable to
12 run properly and dependably on E15; and 
13     WHEREAS, A survey by the American Automotive Association
14 (AAA) found that E15 may cause consumer confusion, void
15 warranties, and contribute to vehicle damage; the AAA survey
16 found that only 12 million out of the 240 million light-duty
17 vehicles on the roads today are approved by manufacturers to
18 use E15; 5 manufacturers stated their warranties would not
19 cover fuel-related claims caused by E15, and 8 additional
20 manufacturers stated that E15 did not comply with fuel
21 requirements in owners' manuals and may void warranty coverage;
22 AAA's automotive engineering experts believe that sustained
23 use of E15 could result in costly problems such as accelerated



HR0312 – 2 – LRB098 11798 MST 44908 r

1 engine wear and failure, fuel-system damage, and false "check
2 engine" lights in some cars; 95% of consumers surveyed were not
3 familiar with E15, indicating a strong likelihood of consumer
4 confusion leading to misfueling; and 
5     WHEREAS, Senate Bill 52, currently pending in the Illinois
6 General Assembly, would exacerbate the proliferation of
7 harmful fuels by creating incentives for the sale of gasohol
8 blended at E20 and E30 levels; the EPA allows the use of E15
9 gasoline in very limited situations, but E20 and E30 blended
10 fuels are not legal for use in any engines; Senate Bill 52
11 wrongly encourages the sale and use of a type of fuel that is
12 not legally allowed to be sold and used; and 
13     WHEREAS, Both E10 and E85 (for flex-fuel vehicles) blended
14 fuels provide options for consumers that do not cause the
15 problems other forms of fuels do; 95% of gasoline sold in the
16 United States is E10; therefore, be it 
19 we urge Congress to suspend the sale of gasoline blended with
20 ethanol at levels above E10 until motorists are better
21 protected; and be it further 
22     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be

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