EI “Back to Our Roots” Fund-Raising Update: $9,318 raised from 56 donors, 23% to goal

Ecological Internet is making great progress in raising our operating funds for next year. We should reach our goal if we can continue apace with many small donors and occasional larger gifts. In one minor setback, our new donation page has been attacked, by repeated fraudulent donations of 1 cent to check if credit card information is correct, and/or to disrupt our fund-raising. Thus, we are back for now to PayPal, Google, and mailing checks as the long-tested, secure, and dependable means to donate to EI. Please make a tax-deductible donation of what you can afford now.


Continuing to Protect India’s Asian Elephant Habitat Together

Ecological Internet needs your help to continue protecting Asian elephants and to define cutting-edge science on protecting ecosystems and sustaining humanity’s one shared biosphere. Please donate now: http://www.rainforestportal.com/shared/donate/ .

November 26, 2006

Dear colleagues,

Asian ElephantBecause of our success together protecting South India’s Asian elephant habitat [search], I have been granted the honor of being the academic convener of a major ecological sustainability conference in Kerala, India, in mid-December. There I will be presenting a paper on the need to protect 50% of terrestrial ecosystems for the sustainability of the biosphere, highlighting the habitat needs of Kerala’s Asian elephants, whose critical habitat we – you and I – have together protected on several occasions. To have the time and resources to carry out this biocentric ecological science, Ecological Internet needs your support now to bring this work to completion. Please donate what you can at http://www.rainforestportal.com/shared/donate/ .

In 2009 we together – you, local conservationists, and I – stopped a Neutrino Observatory (INO), a massive underground experimental physics project, being built in prime Indian elephant habitat in southern India. Later we stopped a road that would fragment this most important elephant migration corridor. Just this past March, with local partners, we prodded the Tamil Nadu state government to grant legal protections to vital elephant migration corridors. Without our global protests, the largest population of Asian elephants would be even more endangered, perhaps even gone. Yet hope remains for these magnificent creatures because of our work together.

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