Study proves increase in atmospheric nitrous oxide due to fertilizers

April 12, 2012
Ishan Sidhu: Conclusive evidence is found by the chemists at University of California, Berkeley, which proves that increase in the use of fertilizers during past 50 years has caused a dramatic increase in atmospheric nitrous oxide, a major greenhouse gas contributing in the climatic change of the world. It is assumed by the climate scientists that the increase of nitrous oxide was caused by the nitrogen based fertilizers.

Fertilizer use responsible for increase in nitrous oxide in atmosphere
Fertilizer use responsible for increase in nitrous oxide in atmosphere

As reported in the April issue of the journal Nature Geoscience...An increase of 20 percent is seen in nitrous oxide levels since the year 1750 from 270 ppb (parts per billion) to more than 320 ppb. At present, on a political standpoint it is proving difficult to reduce global carbon emissions immediately but by reducing nitrous oxide emissions more than its share of overall greenhouse gas emissions can be initially offset. By setting a limit on nitrous oxide emissions time can be bought to figure out how to reduce carbon emissions.

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