Rooftop #aquaponic Fish #Farm focus for #Urban #Agriculture

May 6, 2012

The prototype Globe/Hedron “is a bamboo greenhouse designed to organically grow fish and vegetables on top of generic flat roofs. The design is optimized for aquaponic farming techniques: the fish’s water nourishes the plants and plants clean the water for the fish,” according to designer Antonio Scarponi/Conceptual Devices, who is collaborating on the project with the Zurich-based group UrbanFarmers.

Food For Four Families
“Using this farming technique, Globe/Hedron is optimized to feed four families of four all year round,” Scarponi writes, projecting that it could annually produce 100 kilograms of fish and 400 kilograms of vegetables, from broccoli and Swiss chard in the winter to tomatoes and eggplant in the summer.

© Antonio Scarponi/Conceptual Devices

The creators of Globe/Hedron, which we first got wind of on designboom, are raising money on indiegogo to build the initial prototype.

According to Scarponi, the geodesic-dome design allows the heavy fish tank to rest on the frame of the greenhouse and be redistributed to a larger surface, so “the aquaponic farm can be housed on more roofs without any structural building adaptation.”

Produces Its Own Energy
The dome can be equipped with PV panels and cooling turbines to generate energy …Please continue reading at:

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