James Hansen… Carbon tax or we all die

January 9, 2011
Hansen (In a Al Gore Style)  Tax on carbon is the "The only way to save our planet" - Independent
Also see Hansen: cap-and-trade approach to climate will fail ...

It sounds a little nutty becasue it is... however it is less nutty that most things Hansen proposes. And lord knows this may work as governments LOVES the idea of controlling resources through taxes. Worked great throughout history ;-)
My commnets from 2009 : As OECD countries begin to tax their own economies by charging growing fees on CO2 emissions, their their trading partners will diminish rapidly.... killing the GDP of those countries whose supply chains depend on OECD countries.
FACT: Developing World - Principal Source of Emissions.
Total global emissions have risen by a cumulative 25% since the beginning of the decade. But only a small fraction of those emissions

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